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RickMill Productions, Inc. is the partnership of Kimber Rickabaugh and Paul Miller where their combined talents form over 20 years of experience in show business.

Having worked together as producer and director on various projects over the years, they formed the company in 1991 to develop and produce projects where their joint talents and experience in variety, musical and comedy shows could flourish.

Their collaboration began when The Walt Disney Company hired them to produce network prime time specials for ABC and CBS. After that, RickMill was hired to produce directly for CBS and soon began an ongoing relationship with HBO where they produced comedy specials starring Howie Mandel, Dave Chappelle, and the Emmy nominated “Lewis Black, Red, White and Screwed”.

RickMill Productions, Inc. also has a continuing relationship with Comedy Central. Having produced eight series of shows under the banner "Premium Blend" as well as fifteen seasons of the series "Comedy Central Presents", RickMill has experience working with the brightest young comics who are often getting their first major television exposure, as well as the seasoned comedy pros who are performing in their own half hour specials. In addition, Comedy Central has relied upon RickMill to deliver some of their highest rated specials and series including five Friars Roasts and the comedy-variety series,Viva Variety.

RickMill has been working exclusively with Kathy Griffin for the last 4 years garnering multiple Emmy nominations for "Kathy Griffin:She'll Cut a Bitch" in 2009 and on the Grammy nominated "Kathy Griffin" Whores on Crutches in 2010. In 2011, Kathy made a production deal with RickMill to produce and direct her 2011 commitment to BRAVO to deliver an hour special each quarter; the first was shot in Milwaukee "Kathy Griffin: Pregnant and Not 50"; the second special was shot in Boston "Kathy Griffin: Gurrl Down", the third was shot in Costa Mesa "Kathy Griffin:Whore On Crutches"   and the forth in Atlantic City "Kathy Griffin: Tired Hooker ( Emmy nomination) ,  Kathy Griffin again has renewed her production deal with RickMill for 2012 shooting  in Long Beach "Kathy Griffin: Seaman 1st Class" (Emmy Nomination 2012) and in Minneapolis this Holiday Season.

Together Kimber and Paul have extensive backgrounds in the production of comedy and music/variety shows whether live, taped or filmed.
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